How ThermaCheck Screening Works

ThermaCheck quickly measures skin temperature using an infrared camera and advanced AI software to identify people with Elevated Body Temperature (EBT).*  The system can be rapidly deployed in the receiving area of your business to screen both visitors and employees.  The camera, placed 3.5 to 13ft (1 - 4m) in front of passing subjects, takes only 1 sec to check for a normal temperature. Wide FOV allows accommodates a wide variety of subjects measured with no need to adjust the camera position.

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Built-in AI enables automatic face detection & temperature pass/fail alerts makes ThermaCheck easy & reliable



US made thermal sensor plus AI technology deliver high accuracy of ≤±0.5˚F (≤±0.3˚C) from a distance of 3.5-13.5 ft (1-4m)



Specifically developed for elevated body temperature screening ThermaCheck was created with the small and medium business owner in mind

*Disclaimer: Our products can only identify individuals with elevated skin temperature.  Although the available scientific literature supports the use of infrared cameras for this purpose [1], individuals with abnormal temperature readings should be further evaluated with a medical grade thermometer, and only a licensed medical professional can determine if such an individual is experiencing an abnormal medical condition.  Planck Vision Systems is not advertising our cameras as medical equipment.

[1] Ring, Francis J., and E. Y. K. Ng. “Infrared thermal imaging standards for human fever detection.” Medical Infrared Imaging: Principles and Practices. CRC press, 2007.