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Early Fire Detection

For early fire detection, Planck Vision TNC thermal imaging cameras are far superior to traditional systems that can alert to fire only after the visible consequences of smoke and flame are present.  TNC cameras can help to prevent the destruction of goods and loss of life by surveilling for abnormal heat conditions before fires erupt.

Top 6 Advantages of Planck Vision Thermal Cameras:

  1. Industry leading sensitivity easily identifies dangerous pre-flame conditions and post-flame hotspots.

  2. A wide selection of sensor resolution and lens optics which provides the right camera for the job

  3. Dual thermal/visible cameras in one unit to give you the best situational awareness

  4. Easy to install/run IP cameras that run on your local network

  5. User programmed analytics run on Edge for the best system reliability

  6. On camera head relays puts control where you need it

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The TNC30F camera has dual spectrum imaging with long wavelength infrared, for temperature monitoring, and short wavelength infrared, for flame detection.

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