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Substation explosion knocks out power for residents in Shawnee, KS

POSTED JUN 10, 2021


from KCTV5

SHAWNEE, KS (KCTV) -- At one point Thursday night, over 22,000 Evergy and Board of Public Utilities customers were without power following an explosion at a substation. The City of Shawnee said a transformer blew near 65th and Lackman, leaving just over 12,000 Evergy customers without power at the height of the problem.

Meanwhile, up north in Wyandotte County, nearly 10,000 BPU customers were without power at the peak of the outages.

A spokesperson for Evergy said they did not have a cause for the fire and explosion at the location. There's also no estimated time of when the power will return.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for BPU said the KCK outages are linked to the fire in Johnson County.

"Evergy had a substation in Shawnee explode and as a result knocked out our Nearman Power Plant and three of our substations, which resulted in outages in Rosedale and the central part of our city," BPU said in a statement. "We restored power to our substations and our plant is back up and running. We are working on an investigation with regard to this impact to our utility."

By 10:10 p.m., power had been restored in KCK. Just under 7,000 remain without power in Shawnee.

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