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Designed for 24/7 thermal monitoring of all your critical equipment and other valuable assets. It helps you see problems before they become costly failures, preventing downtime, and enhancing worker safety. Ideal for Process Control and Monitoring, Quality Assurance, Condition Monitoring, and Early Fire Detection.


  • Features

    • Dual thermal/visible network cameras with integrated web interface
    • Offers fusion of thermal-visible images with 18 thermal color palettes
    • Full-scene temperature monitoring with up to 12 user defined local regions
    • Intelligent high/low temperature tracking, comparative measurements, and fire detection
    • Alarm condition detection, relay control, and network broadcasting features
    • PlanckView camera management software and full function SDK available
  • Specifications

    • Thermal resolution available: 640 x 512 or 384 x 288
    • Several standard focal length lenses available
    • Front-end storage for image and video capture
    • Supports PAL and NTSC video formats and image flipping for versatile camera mounting
    • Several housing styles available
    • TF card storage, supports up to 1T
    • Supports many network protocols
    • Datasheet and User manuals.
    • Software Development Kits available, send inquires here.
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