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The mini dual-vision thermal imaging camera is a product specially designed for real-time temperature monitoring of assets in close quarters, such as inside equipment cabinets. It has a built-in HD visible camera, visible LED illuminator, and an infrared thermal imaging core to support 24H non-contact online temperature monitoring and visible inspection.


  • Features

    • Dual thermal/visible network cameras with integrated web interface
    • Offers fusion of thermal-visible images with 18 thermal color palettes
    • Full-scene temperature monitoring with up to 12 user defined local regions
    • Intelligent high/low temperature tracking, comparative measurements, and fire detection
    • Alarm condition detection, relay control, and network broadcasting features
    • PlanckView camera management software and full function SDK available
  • Specifications

    • Thermal resolution 160 x 120
    • Super-resolution display technology provides thermal images with 640×480 comparable quality
    • Radiometric accuracy of ±2°C or 2%, whichever is greater
    • TF card storage, supports up to 256G
    • Supports many network protocols including ICMP, TCP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, DHCP, PPPOE, UPNP, DDNS, ONVIF, etc.
    • Datasheet and User manuals.
    • Software Development Kits available, send inquires here.
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