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ThermaCheck™ EBT Authorized by Health Canada as Medical Device for Uses Related to COVID-19

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Planck Vision Systems an emerging leader in affordable thermal imaging technologies has had its ThermaCheck™ Elevated Body Temperature Screening Systems added to the list of authorized medical devices for uses related to COVID-19 by the Health Canada. The authorized devices are a first line of defense for monitoring elevated body temperatures to help reduce the spread of the virus.

ThermaCheck, and ThermaCheck Pro combine advanced technology, such as thermal and visual imaging, advanced AI and sophisticated algorithms to detect the presence of elevated body temperature. The wide field of view enables detection of subject temperature within a wide measurement zone (ThermaCheck 1 m - 2 m, ThermaCheck Pro 1.8 m - 6 m) allowing single and multi person rapid temperature screening with a high degree of accuracy (±0.3°C). Upon detecting a person with an elevated body temperature, audible and visual alarms are automatically triggered and the thermal and visual image is captured. ThermaCheck LT is a handheld, battery powered, infrared camera designed to screen individuals for Elevated Body Temperature (EBT). It has a built-in screen for displaying real-time thermal images. Supports screening from 0.6 m - 1.8 m subject distance. Capture and store over 800 thermal images. Audible and visual alarms automatically alert the user of the presence of elevated body temperature. All products are available worldwide.

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