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A pioneering fire protection camera that uses dual spectrum imaging of long wavelength infrared, for temperature monitoring, and short wavelength infrared, for flame detection. Provides accurate spatial location of fires for flame supression systems. Strong anti-interference analytics for safe and reliable performance.


  • Features

    • Temperature monitoring is used for fire prevention
    • Flame detection to initiate fire response
    • Accurate spatial location of fire for flame supression system
    • Full-scene temperature monitoring with up to 12 user defined local regions
    • Anti-interference analytics, can effectively remove sunlight reflection, lighting interference, and some electric welding
  • Specifications

    • Super-resolution display technology provides thermal images with 640×480 comparable quality
    • Radiometric accuracy of ±5°C or ±5%, whichever is greater
    • Supports many network protocols including ICMP, TCP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, DHCP, PPPOE, UPNP, DDNS, ONVIF, etc.
    • Datasheet and User manuals.
    • Software Development Kits available, send inquires here.
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