Body Temperature Scan


Thermal Monitoring Is Growing

"This technology negates the need for close-interactions at the reception desk … patients instantly see their own thermal image with an extremely accurate temperature measurement. Our patients have appreciated the investment we have made in their safety (and it looks very cool). I encourage you to consider this camera for your office, it is inexpensive and an impressive tool for our office."

- Dr. Grube D.D.S. M.S, of White & Grube Orthodontics

  2019 Best Orthodontist, Santa Barbara Independent

“It is a thing of beauty: a union of form and function. ... Out of the box and without calibration, the ThermaCheck reading (with facemask on) was in agreement with the oral reading. … Patients love it because it is genuinely contactless, and the reading is done even before they have had time to say hello. I love the fact that I can see the reading inside our glass partition and simultaneously show the reading to the patient. I also like the fact that there is no facial recognition as many of our patients are very conscious of their privacy.”


- Jayant Ray, Evydent Dentistry, New York, NY